I get it, because I've lived it

We can become so externally focused. We can become habituated to self-help strategies that keep us moving forward rather than encouraging us to slow down. We can continue to do what we've always done and handle more and more, until we can't.

Progress sometimes doesn't look like much, but feels like a lot. Progress might look more like learning to tolerate stillness, rather than learning a new skill or completing an overt self-care task. Progress may be about increasing our capacity by tending to ourselves, rather than continuing to push ourselves beyond our limits. An embodied self-care practice will help you to really feel how healing is possible.

Who is this course for?

  • Those who are burned out and ready to make a change
  • Anyone who is ready to better understand themselves and their internal experience
  • People who have tried to implement self-care before and it hasn't worked
  • Those who are on a healing journey and are ready to return to themselves
  • Anyone who has struggled to be present or be in their body
  • People who want support for their healing journey

This sounds awesome, sign me up!

I'm really excited to share this with you

When we experience trauma that causes a shift in the self, it can become really difficult to understand ourselves and our needs. Trauma often forces us into compartmentalization, which is necessary for survival, but often becomes a hinderance when we're on our healing journey.

Self-care that is healing focused helps us to be more present. It allows us to begin to get curious about our internal experience. It creates more internal awareness which ultimately helps us to better understand what we need moment to moment.

Healing is possible, and you deserve it.